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Sweetch Drives Every Individual With Chronic Conditions Toward Long-Lasting Behavior Change

with better adherence to their holistic treatment program and unprecedented healthcare economics.

Nonadherence remains a significant factor in poor patient outcomes

The average non-compliance rate of 45% results in 125,000 deaths and $100B in healthcare costs annually.

For Pharmaceutical Companies

Increase treatment adherence and efficacy with fully automated and hyper-personalized recommendations in the right tone, time, and real-life context. Improve patient support programs and brand loyalty.

A scientist sitting in a labratory taking a test sample, protected with gloves, mask and saifty glasses.

For Medical Device Manufacturers

Sweetch collects and analyzes millions of data points from the user's smartphone and connected devices, translating them into condition-specific, hyper-personalized recommendations. Increase device usage and value and reduce churn; improve customer satisfaction, brand value and loyalty.

For Payers

Hyper-personalized recommendations in the right tone, time and real-life context improves the patient’s likelihood of treatment adherence, preventing costly complications. Predictive behavior analytics and data assets help to improve population health economics management.

For Pharmacies

Engage your customers with fully automated hyper-personalized recommendations helping them adhere to their holistic treatment regimen across multiple conditions and comorbidities. This innovative enhanced clinical service improves customer satisfaction, reduces dropout and enhances brand value and loyalty.

For Providers

Improve treatment adherence, continuity and outcomes between visits with fully automated hyper-personalized recommendations in the right tone, time and real-life context to help every patient achieve their micro-goals throughout their unique health journey. Sweetch reduces the burden on healthcare providers, and increases revenue through reimbursement.

Are You Living With A Chronic Condition?

Sweetch isn't available directly to individuals. You can get Sweetch via select healthcare practitioners, pharmaceutical brands, pharmacies, device manufacturers and healthcare providers. Leave us your details and we will let you know about any relevant partners that work with Sweetch.

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Platform Highlights

PSP Enhancement &
Virtual PSP
Digital Health Coach for
Diabetes Prevention Program / Chronic Care Management
Multiple Health
Conditions & Domains
Data /Insights &
Management Dashboard
Connected Devices &
Remote Patient Monitoring  
Label App
Simple Integration &
Quick Start
Security & Privacy

Real Engagement For Real Results

Health Outcomes

25% more people achieve
their micro & long-term health
goals with Sweetch

Program Compliance

Treatment program compliance
improves 40% with Sweetch

Actionable Data

Companies receive
90% more unique data assets
about people & populations